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Clara Rose

Status: 35 year old female seeking friendship
Location: Wetherby, West Yorkshire
Member: NF025084
Height: 5' 2" / 160cm
Hi all, I have found myself living back in Yorkshire due to having a baby and in 2 years I have not met a single like minded friend! I decided to take action this morning! I am primarily looking for local friends who might be up for doing walks in the Dales for example or a bit of interesting conversation over an ale. I've traveled a lot and lived in London and Scotland and India this is the first time I've had to revert to the internet to search for community! My main passions/gifts are singing and herbalism and I hope to turn these into paid work at some point. I have a strong connection with nature and love being outdoors and have done plenty of work gardening. I'm currently exploring my Celtic spiritual roots and looking to find community interested in our traditional seasonal calendar and celebrating that. I live with my mum at the moment to help with my son Felix who is adorable but a bit hyperactive! Ive decided to move out to Turkey to be with his dad next year possibly Easter to give it a go and spend some time as a family. We were hoping to live and work in the UK, but it's the worst time in history to have a foreign partner and be British so he hasn't even been able to get a holiday visa yet. So it looks like I've got another 6 months atleast here in Boston Spa and I would love to find atleast 1 friend to hang out with! Instead of praying to the stars I thought I'd look on the internet.

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My Passions

  • Environmental issues, conservation, anti fracking campaign
  • Foraging collecting herbs preparing medicine
  • Studying Indian classical vocal
  • Writing and composing music, folk music, eastern drum rhythms, writing poetry
  • Improvisation, in music and life!
  • Gardening, growing planting, permaculture, biodynamic farming
  • Self improvement
  • Walking, getting out in the countryside, spring water, natural health
  • Sufism, Inayat khan, mysticism, music of life, yoga
  • My Celtic root mysticism.

My star sign

  • Capricorn

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker