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Status: 52 year old female seeking friendship
Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Member: NF024663
Height: 4' 11" / 152cm

I am inspired by the natural bonds I feel I have with our earth and am on a journey to discoer why I have those ties.  I am warm and not judgemental and usually see the good in all and everyone ( though this can often be my undoing)  I am hoping to meet people who want to be happy and who can rise above their own obticals that prevent them from being so. I look forward to sharing the stars, the moon, the sun, the wind, our woodlands, our beaches, our hills and mountains.  I like to get outdoors as much as I can and a camp fire or two would be welcome. :)

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My Passions

  • Travel, when I can afford it. I dont think there is anywhere I would not like to go.
  • I enjoy cooking tremendously and am not bad though I say so myself. I appreciate good produce from local producers and hae reerence for some of the old ways of doing things.
  • I love to craft, whittle, weave willow, scroll saw and I help to build bee hives.
  • I am a D of E Leader and I have fun naturing young people in the early days of them finding themselves.

My star sign

  • Gemini

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker