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Wave Dancer

Status: 67 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Lymington, Hampshire
Member: NF024653
Height: 5' 6" / 168cm

The idea of natural friends appealed as I believe whilst we are here on this planet, we need to help take care of each other and our environment. Therefore all things 'green' are important to me. I am gradually emerging from a long relationship which was exceedingly happy for 34 years before it started to fall apart. I am now treading warily as I find my new path.

 In 2016, I presented a paper at Oxford Uni on Multi-sensory Therapy for Mind, Body and Soul. The fact we are not spare parts, and intended to work as a whole system, is something being missed by education and medicine alike. Having worked in Education/Psychology/Therapy since 1979 I am doing less and less. I believe we are what we eat and think and do. And practice what I preach. I have cooked organic food from scratch since I was a WOOFer 40+ years ago. I am passionate about my work and I am attracted to men who are passionate about what they do.

Laughter is important to me and in 2009, I copywrited a screenplay I'd written - The Day Peace Reigned (working title - Banana Wars). A few years ago, I tried to crowd fund to find enough money to film some scenes. Suffice to say I did not achieve my aim and the project is 'sleeping'. But it encompasses all my passions in one - laughter (as it is a comedy fable), peace, organics, love and good music (mainly from the 60s in this case). To know more you may have to seek me out or help crowd fund. Not sure if I can put a website on this page. I'm sure it'll be edited out if not (bananawars.co.uk)
Oxytocin is another one of my campaigns! Most of us need a heck of a lot more. A lot of us (like me) have been oxytocin starved. However, until I find a primary emotional attachment (man) to HUG I am getting a basic supply by training at the Heart of Living Yoga. They/we hug a lot! If it proves possible, I plan to download my most recent photo taken last week at the end of the first w/end. In most other pics I am outside and wearing sun specs as my eyes are very sensitive.
Neurotoxins are something that I 'bang on about' according to friends. (I studied Neuroscience too for a while). Chlorine is a particularly favourite topic. The skin is the largest organ of the body yet we are happy to drink it in our water supply, shower in it, wallow in a bath in it and even worse - swim in it in pools. I love swimming but not in chlorinated pools. My ambition is to build a natural pond to swim in, cleansed by plants or salt.

The communion of mind, body and soul I feel whilst paddling my kayak Wave Dancer on salt water is better for me than meditation. My taste in music is diverse. I have a particular fondness for ballet music. Dancing is within my DNA. I love to sing but have not have not sung much recently. I love good literature but do not read many new works. Reading these days is confined to Erkart Tolle (and similar stuff). Depending on mood, I like Kahlil Gibran. I prefer Tears and Laughter to The Prophet. Anything else, just ask. In friendship I am entirely dependable and trustworthy. A friend asked recently what I'd want in a man and my answer remains the same - A scientist with the heart of a poet or visa versa. If you are him, you'll know what I mean. Though that does not mean, we could not be good friends. If you live close enough and would also like to paddle a kayak I have one spare!  Metta, Christina (known as Tina or T. T x

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My Passions

  • Growing/eating organic
  • Using (truly) eco products sans colour and smell
  • Paddling my kayak
  • Human Rights/Peace
  • Swimming in non chlorinated water
  • Yoga/Dance/Music
  • Loving and being loved - cuddling up on a sofa watching a good movie (few and far between these days) so maybe listening to music.
  • Selected (?) Poetry and Literature.
  • I love people who are passionate about their passions!
  • Sharing love and laughter around a table eating good, organic food and drinking organic apple juice (I don't drink alcohol).

My star sign

  • Aries

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker