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L nancy B

Status: 48 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Durham, Durham
Member: NF025453
Height: 5' 4" / 165cm

I am a quietly confident individual with quirks. I would like to meet someone to share time and to experience life with. I am genuine and considered intelligent and enjoy many things.

I live in the country side and feel vitalised when in the open air and seeing and noticing what is around me. My love and back ground in art draws me to cities and galleries and my passion for cinema. My work can be intellectually and emotionally demanding, but I can recharge well.

 I do need and value my own space and enjoy nothing more than to spend time in the garden and veg patch with the hens -  or walking the dogs and riding the horses. Many of my pleasures are in the outdoors but are also shared with my great friends and my 3 grown up daughters who I do spent time with when they return home. I enjoy being creative and making things, I can cook but would not say I am a foodie person. I am more than happy with a cup of tea from a flask and a jam sandwich out on a walk -  or a good picnic spread. …..And I do like a good cup of coffee accompanied with a good book.

Conversation is important to me -  a rich conversation of interest and fun  - but not a necessity to fill gaps. I believe there is difference with a forced conversation and those times of comfortable and connected silence.

I would say I prefer wellies and walking boots to high heels and my hands look more like spades than well-manicured varnished nails! The kitchen is at times a hospital for ill hens (friends or mine) and the car can look a bit like a hay stack in winter. But I like a tidy home and I am known to wear a frock for occasions or just when I fancy it.

I have travelled and worked abroad and have a huge sense of zest for adventure -  however adventures can be local as well as further afield. Being open and aware is essential for me and noticing the small wonders of life each day is truly amazing and magical.

I am looking to meet someone who is emotionally intellectual and mature but with a good sense of humour and fun, a genuine smile, integrity and honesty and humanity. Someone who is happy in themselves and wishes to initially have a friendship that encourages both shared interests but embraces each other’s sense of self and enables a friendship to grow and develop.

This is just a snipit of me so please dont hesitate to contact as it will be so exciting to meet new people.

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My Passions

  • Growing veg and flowers ... still aiming for a prize at a local show - don't think it will happen this year as the hens munched the seedlings so a bit behind now! But happy hens
  • Music and listening to the radio ... taste is vast and varied
  • Twix ....cheese ... olives
  • Friends and meeting people , treasure the random conversation that strike up with people
  • Film mainly less main stream type, but open- just love cinema
  • I do like spiders snails and bugs
  • Love to catch a glimpse of a kingfisher that’s a magical sight
  • Wool ... knitting crocheting
  • composting and worm composting and trying hardest to reduce waste
  • positivism and friendliness - a smile goes along way .

My star sign

  • Pisces

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker